IMG_3224I am a passionate product interaction designer with an MSc in Design for Interaction, and a BSc in Industrial Design Engineering, both of them earned at Delft University of Technology.

I have a strong drive for understanding and improving the relations users have with products, as well as to re-examine how our world’s industrial processes can be adapted to be more inherently sustainable. Within projects I like to look for challenging directions that legitimately improve the lives of users and question what might be held as conventional.

Through the minor program Interactive Environments I picked up an affinity for behaviour design and embedded electronics, which granted me an ability to create interactive, electronic prototypes, as well as a fascination for driving experiences through environmental designs. In doing so I like to avoid an overuse of screens, instead leaning toward full body interactions. I kept building my maker skills in hobby projects, which include custom 3d printers, modified video game hardware, and various electronic gizmos.

During my BSc I also co-founded a small and young student association named VOX Delft (where I served as chairman for two years), dedicated to critically discussing the intersections of culture and technology. I believe that especially during one’s education there is a profound need to question and evaluate the existing systems and practices we take for granted, both within industry and society. As such I will always try to bring a critical and holistic perspective to the table.

For a more systematic overview of my background, please refer to my CV.