The Garmin Edge C5 is an (unofficial) systematic redesign of the Garmin Edge 200 cyclocomputer, conceived as an exercise in User eXperience optimization. The aim of this project was to analyse the existing product using highly methodical user studies and use the acquired data to suggest improvements. The redesigned C5 is the result of two such studies, one on the original product and one on an intermediate redesign.

According to the performed studies, the original Edge 200 struggles with the ambition of offering full GPS-enabled ride logging and following, while being restricted to a very low resolution screen and only four buttons. The redesign addresses a large array of use cue, feedback and interface problems to create a more intuitive and elegant user experience without drastically exceeding the original product’s price point.


These screenshots provide a sample of the many improvements that were made to the product’s interface. Modifications include improved hierarchy, more consistent soft key behaviour, clarified labels, safer one-hand operation while riding, improved legibility of maps and cycling metrics, and multiple user profiles.

The video below highlights the primary user experience enhancements.


Instructors: Anton Jellema, Rudolf Wormgoor
Students: Frank van Boheemen, Yangzi Han, Emma Heitbrink, Stephan Hooft, Sofia van Oord, Roby Michelangelo Vota

This redesign was not commissioned by Garmin. Garmin retains all exclusive rights to the Garmin brand, its existing products, and/or affiliated properties.