Sequen-Shell is a conceptual audio playground intended for young children to experiment with sound recording and composition. It was developed in collaboration with Amsterdam’s Studio for Electro-Instrumental Music as an exercise in design for interactive audio.


The installation revolves around a rotating dial on the floor, upon which a myriad of different seashells can be placed. Each shell can hold onto one recorded sound, which it plays back every time the dial passes it by. Placing multiple shells on the dial thus results in a looping melody.


New sounds are recorded when a child picks a shell up and speaks into it. When a shell is not laying on the dial, it will act as a recording device. Since the shells feature a large variety in shapes and construction materials, they also provide vastly different acoustic properties (all of them passive), such as a reverb or a damping effect. As a result, children will not only learn about composition, but also playfully explore the possibilities of using their own voices to create various sounds.


Instructors: Reinier Jansen, René van Egmond
Students: Frank van Boheemen, Bas van der Ham, Stephan Hooft, Marien Wolthuis

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