What’s the ultimate dream of any self-respecting 3d printer operator? To print a printer, of course! And why not make a few changes to the design, while you’re at it? 

While I self-assembled Ghanima, my first printer, all the parts were externally sourced, and I was following an exact blueprint. This second printer was to be different, with as much local sourcing, home-printed parts, and custom modifications, as possible!

After assembling a modified frame, ordering most of the required electronics, and configuring a custom dual hot-end, the project is currently at the stage of wiring and powering, after which it needs to be calibrated.

“Leto” is still a work in progress, but has nevertheless already proved a useful exercise in the design and manufacture of custom printer parts. Once finished, it’ll act as a secondary printer, but mostly as a test setup to experiment with multi-material printing.