Ghanima is a custom Reprap MendelMax 1.5+ 3D printer. While I did not design the frame or the firmware, I did self-source and assemble it from scratch, and continue to personally operate it. It features, among other things, a RAMPS 1.4 electronics setup, magnetic endstop sensors, custom LED lighting, and fully autonomous printing through an SD card slot + LCD screen.

To this day Ghanima takes care of many rapid prototyping needs that my design projects require – that is, when she isn’t producing replacement/upgrade parts or more whimsical products.


The printer can operate in a completely standalone fashion, interpreting G-code from an SD-card, inserted in an LCD daughterboard, here shown as mounted  in a custom enclosure. (Printed by Ghani herself, of course.)

Printing on commission is possible, by the way! Just drop me a line and I will inform you about the material costs.